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Delivering healthy communities by promoting overall wellness through tai chi, therapies and guided meditations for over 40 years


Community Health
Adult Education
Mental Health


Charles Thackaberry


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years established


students since inception


combined years teaching
tai chi classes, meditation classes, facilitating philosophy discussions
stress management for corporate clients; wellness and healthy work environments
Energy treatments, luidong chi, quantum coherence therapy

"Your own positive future begins in this moment. All you have is right now.


Every goal is possible from here."


what people say

"Tai Chi helps you to experience the world in a different way, giving you a new perspective on yourself and those around you. It gives you the tools to build boundaries and break them". 

Eve, Meath

My first introduction to Tai chi was about ten years ago. I had  severe osteoporosis, a shattered hip and several fractures in my spine. Now my spine is straight and my bones are strong. I attribute this in no small measure to the practice of Tai Chi. My GP and various medics agree.
May Ryan, Dublin

"With all the stress and strain of life at the moment, my Tai Chi with Sinéad keeps me grounded and just helps me chill and be myself with like minded people. I am so glad Sinéad has come in to my life". 

Carol, Kilmessan

...I developed Graves Disease (a form of hyperthyroidism) which was not stabilising very well despite medication. Jane was an excellent teacher and within a month or two of starting Tai Chi, my bloods were starting to show an improvement. By Christmas, I was really hooked on it and attending Wednesday and Friday classes with Stuart as well as Jane’s Monday class.  Stuart was also a fantastic teacher and his class was great fun. Now except for the odd occasion, I can generally stay on my feet for the entire class.  I have grown stronger in so many ways. My latest blood results are showing normal  readings and I attribute much of this to my Tai Chi journey.

Anne O'Brien, Dublin

"Tai Chi was something I wanted to try after seeing it in the film Calendar girls. Having suffered a parents worst nightmare, my friend and I started Tai Chi. For me it has helped to control the severe anxiety and post traumatic stress. I have met fab people at the class, who have become great friends".

Liz, Athboy

"Tai Chi is me time...Calms my mind and body from a busy life. I have met some amazing people and Sinéad is brilliant". 

Carol, Dunshaughlin

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