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founded 1981

as the Irish Tai Chi Chuan Association

by Master Charles Thackaberry

Tai Chi Your Way was founded in 1981 as the Irish Tai Chi Chuan Association and linked to the British Tai Chi Chuan Association under Master John Kells, who trained with the leading Tai Chi Masters at that time - TT Liang, Yang Sau Chung, Chi Chiang Tao along with other teachers. 

Beginning in the traditional style, Master Charles Thackaberry (it’s founder), realised that too many people were dropping out of class because of the martial focus of the syllabus. It needed a different approach to allow students easier access to the many health benefits associated with Tai Chi.


Health and wellbeing were the main reasons students attended class, so Charles restructured the syllabus, introducing mini forms as well as different versions of short and long forms to reflect the different skill levels. This approach continues to evolve with each generation of teachers and students, whose feedback influences further development for future generations. 

“History needs to support the present and the future”.

Master Charles Thackaberry.

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