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Safe and Calm

Mary had explained that the principle of the treatment is the therapist’s self care. So I was not surprised to find her glowing when she opened the door to me. Already I began to feel better, feeling assured I could relax into safe and calm hands.


Conversation was kept to a minimum as I lay on the warm comfortable plinth which was in a softly, tastefully decorated and cosy room. Tibetan chanting flowed around the room as I surrendered into the experience, with a warm cover and an eyepad to assist deeper relaxation...more


Thank you so much for the beautiful [QCT] healing treatment this morning. I felt so wonderfully peaceful and deeply calmed. It is a lovely gentle way to work and really feels so healing and I have enjoyed the benefits all day.  I will be back!

 JA, Kilkenny,

Deep, Powerful and Gentle

A deep and powerful, but gentle treatment (QCT). I arrived at Mary's treatment room going at what felt like 100 miles an hour, by the time I was leaving I was down to 1 mile an hour!  Balance and calmness was restored in my world. Thank you, Mary.

Ciara A


From the moment I lay down on the plinth (which was pre-heated by jade stones!) at the start of the session, right through to the very end of a totally relaxing experience, this was without doubt, one of the best QCT treatments I have ever received.

Right now, work is extremely busy with a lot of pressure being added every day. I was looking forward to the session and I wasn't disappointed. My mind was racing and once I closed my eyes, all I could see was dancing colours and lights. As the session progressed, the dance settled down into a beautiful rhythmic feeling of calmness and serenity.


Thoughts ebbed away and my mind settled. It's hard to describe this feeling and I would encourage anyone reading this to try a session as soon as possible.
Amazing calmness in 45 minutes and well worth it.
Thank you Mary!


Test Cases and Testimonials

Profound Change

Here briefly is my experience of the four QCT treatments I was blessed to receive from you during the last month. Several times during the past year or two I have received QCT treatments from you. I remember the word that came to me each time was “amazing”. I found, and still find, QCT amazing!!
I cannot say enough of the profound change...more

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