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Test Cases and Testimonials

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I felt Mary’s hand on and over my body, sometimes making physical contact.  I felt areas of tension become more heightened for me, particularly across my abdomen, where I felt considerable discomfort, which was followed by it melting away with ease. Also in my lower abdomen I felt surges of energy moving through me. I was aware of thoughts coming forth from time to time and allowed them float by like clouds across the sky as Mary had suggested.  For a time I felt my arms and legs had increased dramatically in weight and density. I felt that I would not be able to lift them if I wanted to but had no interest in trying to do so as I was so comfortable.

I experienced strong contrast within the opposing sides of my body; feeling as though the left side of my body had shrunk and the right side had expanded.  It was a feeling of disproportion from the top of my head to my toes but I was having this awareness from a deeply relaxed state.

When the treatment was complete I was aware of the deep feeling of calm I was experiencing which was very welcome. The previous few months had been very challenging. I felt centered and connected inwardly in a very real way. The sensation of contrast stayed with me for some time and gradually diminished later in the day as though the treatment continued on for hours after.

This sense of deep calm has remained with me in varying degrees since. I have maintained a vibration higher than I had before the treatment and life is unfolding beautifully.

The QCT treatment is a truly nurturing, balancing, harmonising experience, occurring in a beautiful environment and brought forth through the caring, loving, professional support that a skilled practitioner such as Mary can provide.


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