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Tai Chi Energy Balancing is a distillation of Master Charles Thackaberry's experience and practice of working with clients over a 30 year period.

It has been successfully used with babies, children and adults of all ages and in different life experiences. 

It's principles come mainly from Tai Chi and the structure comes from Chinese Medicine. It integrates elements of Reiki, QCT, Medical Chi Kung, Shamanism, Psychic,  Spiritual and Soul work.

Each are tailored to specific needs of individual clients and has been successful with physical ailments and chronic conditions, emotional and mental imbalances.

Sessions can be done lying, sitting or standing and vary in time and intensity. They can be hands on or off depending on the clients preference.

 There are 3 levels to the Energy Balancing ;

  1. Focuses on calming, relaxing and general well being.

  2.  Addresses specific health issues, with feedback and general health suggestions

  3. Specializes in chronic health imbalances and incorporates prescribed personal development exercises such as Meditation, Chi Kung or Tai Chi.

The differentiating factor between each is the level of commitment needed from the client.

If you feel like this type of therapy would benefit you, please contact Charles to arrange a consultation.

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