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Small hand forms with minimum amount of movements. Asingular focus or development and a small space needed to to work in. Helps students gain skill in a step by step fashion.

Because of its minimalist structure, it gives greater and easier access to the benefits and magical feeling of Tai Chi = you feel better quicker. 

Our Mini Forms have been accessibly designed, allowing anyone to participate in a class regardless of age or ability, promoting Tai Chi as a truly inclusive sport for all.

It is our aim to teach these forms to other Tai Chi teachers, martial artists, sports centre managers and staff within the disability sector, both nationally and internationally. 


A mixture of all the principles and ideas of the mini forms, but in a more complex fashion. Short Form facilitates the development of different emotional, mental and physical skills,  harmonising these elements leading to a more balanced and happier, healthier life.


Introduces and puts variation on all the main principles and works the Physical, Mental and  Emotional bodies to an even higher degree.

Develops more patience, perseverance, stamina/endurance and resilience, which means day to day interactions become easier to work and cope with. It has a more martial focus, leading to better boundaries.

Focus here goes from single skill training, to advanced methods and techniques for both healing and self defence. Teaches skills to cope with bullying and difficult situations that can affect the students body, mind or emotions. Addresses all the different levels of human interactions.

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