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Practical Mindfulness

Tai Chi's practical approach to meditation allows the body and mind to focus together on a single intention.

Meditation is a bit like walking or running, or any other exercise. You start with very short meditations and gradually increase your ability to focus. Our process of teaching meditation allows for variations of all the main styles depending on the students needs.


The 5 main approaches to meditation are;

Physical (either standing or moving)

Emotional (sounds or energy work),

Mental (mindfulness and reflection for the logical mind), 

Imagination (using colours and images), 

Spiritual (working with heaven and earth energies).

Meditation can also be used to heal personal traumas, by using a combination of the above techniques. 

Our Promise

All our teachers have undergone extensive training with  personal experience and a practical understanding of each of these processes. This allows us to be more responsible and responsive to different individuals or group needs. This allows our students to move through their process safely, efficiently and with confidence.

Meditation is generally integrated into all our classes, however we often run dedicated meditation classes and workshops. Keep an eye out for upcoming events here on our site or sign up to our mailing list so you don't miss out.

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