Tai Chi Balls are artisan hand made balls. They are wood turned following which they are soaked in specially prepared oils. This allows them to hold their energy and to increase the vibrational tone of the ball over a long period of time.


In turn this allows the user to feel more energy when using the ball and also to harmonise the energies of the ball with themselves - the more use, the greater the benefits. 


Each ball is tuned to the energies of the person.


Each ball is also inscribed with a symbol or pattern of the users choosing 


From start to finish, which includes consultations with the user, turning, energising, polishing etc., takes 20 - 25 hours over a 4 - 8 week period 


A machine made tai chi bal will cost €350  


A hand made Artisan ball will cost €1300 


We are offering this ball at a one off price (to include all the work outlined above) of €500.

Tai Chi Balls