Available online only, this book is intended to be a merging and blending of the traditions of East and West. It is meant to give the reader a cognitive understanding of the Tao Te Ching and of some traditional Christian quotations from the New Testament, while also speaking to the emotional content and spiritual content of the pieces through the poetic commentary. We learn on many levels and this book is an attempt to help those who don’t only learn in an academic, typically “leftbrain” way, or whose cognitive levels are not their strongest methods of learning, to embrace the wise words - as it were, the encountered awakenings - of the Sages, Saints and Gurus who have gone before us. This work recognises all of the Masters, Gurus and Saints who have gone before us and who still empower the open hearts and minds of those who are ready to listen. We will use a section of each chapter of the Tao Te Ching to introduce a thought or emotional content to the reader’s mind and heart, and use the poetry and New Testament quotations to reinforce these wise lessons. The connections may not be immediately obvious – it might require some thought, or time spent simply sitting in contemplation! And you don’t have to make the same connections that we did!

The Book of Encountered Awakenings