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Test Cases and Testimonials

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I cannot say enough of the profound change, the powerful shifting towards balance and healing that occurred for me during these treatments. The subsequent effects, though each treatment was different, was that each time I was left with a feeling of increased energy, a sense of balance, a real sense of my body - organs, joints, muscles and head having been - for want of a better description – stirred and shaken, in a very positive way.

It was as if somehow I had been out of kilter and the treatments were helping me come to a more level place. Something I really didn’t expect, besides the physicality, was the lifting of my mood. The changes that occurred are still with me days later and I feel QCT is a strong marker in my returning to full health and wellness. Powerful !

With QCT and with what I am doing for myself I am now trusting I will achieve as near as I can come to homeostasis. And with QCT I now have more energy to work towards that.  Finally, here follows report of treatments. I jotted these down immediately following the treatments.

1st QCT Treatment

Lying on my plinth.  As treatment started I felt a sureness within. A raising energy in my chest  and heart. A vibration in my left arm. Suddenly felt as if the bed was collapsing to the left and I had a sensation of my whole body slipping or falling to the left, but I trusted. As it, or I righted, a shudder of energy shifted my hip, a subtle movement,  felt as if I was lifted lightly, momentarily, off the bed. I focused on my breath. Cried aloud. Tears flowed.

It felt as if the therapist was present in the room with me, you were, I could sense you, feel your warmth your energy, the energy from your healing hands.

Felt as if your hands were going towards strings of energetic attachments fixed to my body, my pelvis, back, my heart, my arms. Mostly at this time concentrated on my pelvic area I felt you help to ease them away, without severity you helped separate them, pulling them apart till I felt they were no longer joined to me. I was able to let go.  Feeling at once joyous yet a powerful calm, then a shudder in my back, then a settling.

There was a sense during the treatment of other presence in the room, angels, spirits, others we had somehow known gone from this life but here in different form.

2nd QCT Treatment

I came to this treatment with an unease and was struggling, found it hard to settle on the plinth, moving and shifting a lot at first. Much different from my sense of the first time.  I eventually calmed had an impression of an eagle, bells, crystals, gave myself over to that. Accepted what I was sensing / seeing / hearing. Felt, imagined?, or saw a line of stars aligning, The treatment felt very short this time as if but a moment had passed, yet when I got off the bed and glanced at the time it was past 15 mins as before.  It felt no less than a sound wave, an air wave, infinitely all those and much, much, more ! I felt rinsed following that treatment, brighter! My impression of stars was so strong that I wanted to share them with you and wished you then, as I do now, a plenitude of golden stars around you for the day, and every day.

3rd QCT Treatment Fri

Feeling of calm.   After a moment my head became full, muzzy. A headache started.  Then became very nauseous. Copious belching. Rest of body calm. Felt something move off/ lift away – then very conscious of my feet. A big burst of laughter.  I knew that if I didn’t stop I would continue laughing and would end up crying, so I stopped. Settled. Felt a sense of relief. Of happiness. Headache lifting.

Solar plexus area/ hip became still, calm. Felt grounded.  Became aware of my energy centres, of my chakras starting to balance, a sense of coming into alignment.  Seemed to start from my heart then to my head, then base to heart, then head to heart. Awareness of focus on my heart.   Moments later session ended, got off plinth as had client coming shortly. Looked at time almost 20 mins had passed. Again I found the treatment balancing and felt quite fresh afterwards.  Am full of gratitude.

4th QCT Treatment

Warmth all over. Awareness of solar plexus then pelvis. My body settled down and I very much enjoyed the sense of warmth centred in my solar plexus, wanted this feeling of warmth all over my body. Sense of safety.  Pain right shoulder, then calmed. Heat from solar plexus moved down to right hip. Felt as if there was a twisting, sort of a spinal twist between my hip and shoulder, very conscious of my right hip (though its left hip that’s sore). The sensation in my hip felt very strange. Shock of energy through base down along legs. Belching, slight nausea. Thoughts began to surface. Forgiveness.  Sense of letting things go. Acceptance. This QCT is magic! and health restoring and fun. Amazing !! Namaste.
Overall I have increased energy, feel more alive, feel better. My outlook is brighter more positive and more hopeful.


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