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Tai Chi Your Way support team prides itself on helping people build a successful career doing what they love.
It caters for both professional full time and part time teachers with the option to specialise in niche areas, such as Special Needs and/or Corporate sectors. 
Although teachers can learn many different types of form, the standard within our organisation is either Short Form or Long Form. Students are taught how to teach incorporating skills and methods from both Eastern and Western modalities.  Each having benefits for different levels of student. 
Students are taught all forms, chi kungs and exercises incorporating the main perspectives of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, imagination / energetic. 
We are currently recruiting new teachers from each county to help spread the Tai Chi message of balance further afield. If you think your county would benefit from Tai Chi and you'd like to become a teacher, please contact us and we'll be happy to have a chat with you.
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