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The Science bit

All matter is made up of atoms and subatomic particles (electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks etc.,) all of which are in constant vibrational motion and separated by vast amounts of empty space. Physics shows that matter and energy are interchangeable (E=mc2) i.e. matter is simply another form of energy.


Quantum Physics has shown that the behaviour of subatomic particles is directly affected by the observer. One of the fundamental laws of quantum physics says that an event in the subatomic world exists in all possible states, until the act of observing or measuring it, pins it down to a single state (collapse of the wave function).

The observer (therapist) has become part of the system and influences the energetics of the system. Particles induce neighbouring particles to behave in the same way e.g. particles vibrating at a particular frequency cause neighbouring particles to vibrate at the same frequency. This is known as quantum coherence.  Quantum coherence can also be effected at a distance – non locality (Bell’s Theorem).


Effect of observer/therapist can influence energies of a client.
Healthy cells vibrate at higher frequency than unhealthy cells.
Vibration of “observer’s” cells can bring about quantum coherence.
Non locality allows for distance healing.



For thousands of years the Chinese have based their medical practice on the foundation of balancing Chi in the body. Chi has been defined as “the energetic medium existing between matter and spirit.” It is the “life force" energy of the physical body.

Chi is present in all things, vibrating in constant energetic motion. This vibration, or Chi, influences all of the body’s energetic and physiological functions.

Using different terminology, modern physics confirms the existence of Chi. 

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