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Includes all the previous levels of training and gives additional understanding and practice the skills that can’t be addressed on the previous levels.

Develops more focus and projection of energy. More stamina and endurance. By truly understanding the dangers of weapons, we come to a greater compassion for ourselves and others. 

Our two main weapons are the straight sword (Jian) and the short staff. Along with the ball (medicine ball), although not a weapon, are practice tools for further developing and building particular skills and strenghths that can't be accessed through the hand forms.




The sword is mainly a one handed weapon and teaches the skills of focus, precision of angles and spatial awareness. It's practiced mainly on the right side and is also learned on the left. The sword is also very beneficial for building internal and external boundaries. 



The staff is a two handed weapon and teaches our mind and body to be more fluid and ambidextrous. It includes the same benefits as the sword and is very good for building stamina and upper body strength.


The ball is used for building physical strength and trains the hand and body skills for partner work. It, in particular, has it's own set of Chi Kung and strength building exercises.

“Weapons is the ultimate way of understanding how yin becomes yang and yang becomes yin”.

Master Charles Thackaberry

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