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beginner to advanced, we've got you covered

Choose from a variety of classes including Tai Chi Hand Forms, Sword, Partner Practice, or try a more internal practice such as Chi Kung, Meditation or Mindfulness.

Learn how to relax, focus better, feel steady on your feet, ease the pain of an aching body, or get a good nights sleep. Any one of our classes will help you feel better for sure.

We operate in the community, private sector, schools and as well as offer private tuition and teacher training.

hand forms


partner work


teacher training

tai chi is a language, practice, art

Tai Chi is like learning a new language.

Just as words are the language of the mind,

Tai Chi movements are the language of the body.

The learning structure for both is very similar.


Chi Kung - the alphabet of Tai Chi

Mini Forms - getting the main words of Tai Chi

Short Forms - Creating short stories with key ideas

Long forms - Creating a novel with multiple ideas

Weapons - Using the language as calligraphy and art

Meditation - Understanding and experiencing the internal meaning of the language

Partner Work - sharing the language with another person

Therapies - using the language to create a better reality both for ourselves and others

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